Ass. Prof. Leos Streda, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Leos Streda, born in 1963 in Prague, Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia) and is a well known Czech and Slovak physician. Prof. Streda is famous for an effective weight-loss diet based on the principle „Easy diet works best“. It is a non-commercial diet regime composed of common foods.

He was a founder of the “Institute of Medical Regeneration and Cosmetics” with many branches all around the world. He ran his Institute worldwide. Dozens of Dr.Streda´s clinics were  throughout Czech and Slovak Republics in nineties. There were several branches in Germany, Russia, Canada and Spain (Canary Islands), and his other companies like Dr. Streda Midle East in Syria with clinic in United Arab Emirates, Streda-life A.O. branch in Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine, Streda Regeneration and Medical Industries in Canada, pharmaceutical branch with Streda´s medical products in Lebanon,  MUDr Streda Limited in Kenya, Dr.Streda as Co.Ltd. in Phuket, Thailand, and business affiliates in Lincoln, New Zealand and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At one time he opened and ran the “Institute of a Healthy Nutrition”, in the Philippines, located in Clark Economic Zone, Luzon Island.

Leoš Středa is an author of several books focusing on reduction of excessive weight. His own TV shows “Healthy life style” or „Lady Today“ were broadcasted by several Czech, Slovak and Russian TV stations. “Obesity and diets” was his first book published in English.  In addition, he is a Associate Professor at Charles University in Prague. He also works as a scientist and is known as a VIP Czech doctor.

Besides being a doctor he was also knighted in 2008 to the prestigious Order of the Knights of Rizal, whilst living in the Philippines. His activity does not end there since he is deeply involved in the business of helping others. His charitable activities are notable as well and it includes active work in the foundation “Vision 97” founded by a former president of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel and his wife Madame Dagmar Havel.