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Writing an academic essay means creating ideas into an argument. Though more advanced scientific papers are category all their own, the basic university student essay has following standardized structure:

paragraph 1 – introduction

paragraph 2 – body

paragraph 3 – conclusion


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  1. Kavita Minhas

    Plastic Surgery in the UK

    The main aim of plastic surgery is to restore the function of tissues and skin to as close to normal as possible. Improving the appearance of body parts is an important. Approximately 50,000 cosmetic surgery procedures are performed per year in the UK according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

    Visiting the doctor’s is now become a form of leisure as well as a place to turn to you when you’re not well. Although the development of plastic surgery has only been accepted and believed to have taken place over the last 20 years, the concept is a very old one. The nose received the most attention from early plastic surgeons. However, plastic surgery is not only used for cosmetic and personal reasons but also for people who may encounter serious accidents that cause them to have a destruction to their physical appearance. Other examples of plastic surgery in the UK include breast augmentation, face and neck lifts, liposuction, brow lifts and many more.

    In the UK, the NHS funds those aesthetic surgeries which are undergone due to a person being involved in a fatal accident and this is rather known as ‘reconstruction’ rather than ‘Plastic Surgery’. Recreational plastic surgery is generally not funded under the NHS. People argue that the surge in plastic surgery for recreational purposes in the UK is causing a bad example to younger generations who are starting to rely on surgery to change their physical appearance. They believe it’s starting to create a community where the size of breasts and the shape of our noses are more important than the risks of actual surgery. This is not often spoken about, however there are many risks that are involved with plastic surgery, for example; the actual surgery itself may go wrong and the physical appearance may appear to be worse than the original state, people will be bed bound for a while after surgery and will unable to attend work/school or be active for a period of time and also, altering normal body processes generally can be quite harmful and lead to a domino effect causing difficulties elsewhere.

    Plastic surgery in the UK is more popular in women than in men and although it is unknown why this is the case, the percentage of men undergoing surgery has largely increased in recent years. This shows that image in women and men is becoming equal. The increase in plastic surgery is due to may factors;
    • Economic factors: The average person is now earning more per year and also, more medical facilities are available in hospitals for the surgery to be able to take place.
    • Advanced Technology: There is now much more knowledge and access to medical facilities due to a higher level of technological advances.
    • Media: Celebrities, models and social media are a major reason for people now seeking to plastic surgery. Appearance is now become an extremely important aspect in our everyday lives to our profile picture on Facebook to looking like our favorite celebrity.

    To conclude, there is a massive increase in plastic surgery in the UK over the years and more people are looking to alter their physical appearance. Even though it can be argued that physical appearance isn’t the most important thing about a person and there are risks during the surgical procedure, I personally am for plastic surgery, as I believe if you look good, you generally feel good and therefore you are happier and you should decide what you do with your own body.

    Kavita Minhas

  2. Savita Satayayut


    Rhinoplasty is commonly known as a nose job. It is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the shape of the nose. Nose plastic surgery or rhinoplasty is requested in particular by people, who are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their nose. Nose is a dominant element of our face, which is why nose surgery became one of the most popular types of face surgery. People with an excessively conspicuous nose often feel dissatisfied with themselves. That is why nose surgery can help both women and men with congenital or acquired nose asymmetry to successfully eliminate their imperfections.
    Not only plastic surgery can help recreate beautiful appearance, it could also help to restore the proper functioning of an area of the body. For example, an eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can help improve a person’s peripheral vision which can be beneficial when driving. In this case, a nasal surgery can help a person to breathe better and reduce or eliminate snoring.
    Reduction rhinoplasty is one of the most common types of nose reshaping surgery. This procedure can give a patient a nose that is more proportionate to the other facial features. In particular, it can address bumps on the bridge of the nose, an elongated nasal tip, or excessively flared nostrils. Rhinoplasty can be used to modify the shape and size of the nose. In some cases, a plastic surgeon may recommend that a chin implant be inserted at the same time. This will help to balance out the facial features more completely. There are basically two types of rhinoplasty which includes open and closed procedure. Open rhinoplasty involves making incisions on the outside of the nose, while closed rhinoplasty only involves incisions within the nose. In order to avoid visible scarring, surgeons will use a closed rhinoplasty procedure but open rhinoplasty may be necessary in cases of severe damage, or when the treatment area is located high in the nasal cavity. A skilled and qualified surgeon can create open surgery incisions within the contours of the nose to minimize visible scarring as much as possible.

    An American ENT surgeon named Dr. John Orlando Roe performed the first closed rhinoplasty in 1887. Dr. Roe was also the first surgeon to perform cosmetic rhinoplasty. His patient was a man in his 20’s who suffered from extreme embarrassment and agoraphobia because of his large nose. The patient reported an increase in his quality of life following the surgery, marking a giant milestone in plastic surgery history.
    After World Wars I and II, there were rapid advancements in science and medicine and surgeons further improved the cosmetic rhinoplasty method. Rhinoplasty had once been seen as a dire necessity, due to the high risk of anesthesia complications; however safer anesthesia methods were soon introduced, and elective rhinoplasty became a tangible option for those seeking to change the outward appearance of their nose.

    Although previous rhinoplasty methods were not nearly as refined as they are today, Rhinoplasty had been considered fashionable, reserved for the wealthy and famous. Movie stars of the era, including Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth and John Wayne all went under the knife to improve their appearance.

    In conclusion, plastic surgery became one of the ways to fulfill personal desire and regain confidence in each individuals. Nose surgery is one of the types of plastic surgery. There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery however it could lead to addiction so there has to be a limitation to it.

    Savita Satayayut

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