Students‘ Essays

Writing an academic essay means creating ideas into an argument. The basic university student essay has following standardized structure:
paragraph 1 – introduction
paragraph 2 – body
paragraph 3 – conclusion


Credit issuing will take place on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 2:00 PM and on Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 10:00 AM in the Purkyne´s Institute Large Auditorium (Purkyňův ústav, velká posluchárna), Albertov 4, Prague 2.

To get credits you need to:
1) Reply questions under each lecture video on Youtube (as a comment).
2) Write thesis (essay at least 2 pages A4) and submit it on this webpage. How to upload essay to the system:

Open the website and click on the tab English –> Students‘ Essays.

At the end of the page (at the bottom) there is space for Comment („Napsat komentář“). Upload your seminar work there according to the instructions in the following picture.

1. Enter the text of your work into the „Comment/Komentář“ field.
2. Type your first name and last name into the „Name/Jméno“ field.
3. Send the seminar work by clicking on „Send Comment/Odeslat komentář“.
Leave the other two fields blank.
If the work is okay, your comment will be approved.

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  1. Mahla Movahed

    Plastic surgery
    Society today has brain washed not only today’s women, but also the men to believe that in order for a person to look beautiful they must look like the images seen on television, in movies and on the cover of magazines. These images portray grotesquely thin women and muscular men with the infamous six-pack abs. The Hollywood figures that are so famous for their looks and bodies also encourage the belief that thin is beautiful. These images are plastered all over billboards, television show and commercials and magazine advertisements. With all these visions of beauty seen everywhere in a person’s everyday life, a person feels compelled to look just like those images.
    Many cases have been reported of deaths as a result of cosmetic surgical procedures. Yet , many people are still drawn into the lure of looking beautiful. They don’t care about the price they have to pay, which could ultimately be their own life. People are only concerned with the fact of being beautiful. Most importantly, society accepts this desire; even producing television shows dedicated to the televising of plastic surgery procedures. The Learning Channel has recently produced a television series aptly titled „A Personal Story“ in which people voluntary appear on the show. They are followed by cameras a couple of days before the procedure and then appear again several days or even months later to let the world view the results of the surgery.
    However having cosmetic surgery before 18 also has some drawbacks. Firstly, it increases the risk of being affected by side effects from these surgeries. Because teenagers‘ bodies have not yet matured to their final shape, going under the knife for plastic surgery could cause some dangers. For instance, when going under cosmetic surgery, there is a chance that you could have a reaction against anesthesia used in the operations, which can be deadly. Furthermore, cosmetic surgery is likely to make patients get scars, which cannot be corrected. Secondly, allowing teenagers to go through plastic surgery may make them overestimate physical appearances over inner characteristics. Gradually, they may not treasure their personalities but try as hard as possible to enhance their looks.
    The biggest negative about plastic surgery is the fact that it is a surgical procedure. This means there are risks associated, including infection, blood loss, and nerve problems. Before pursuing a procedure, discuss all of these risks with your doctor, and make sure you are comfortable with those risks. You will have scars, pain, and time off of work for a cosmetic procedure, and this may not be something you are willing to endure for a procedure considered medically unnecessary.
    In conclusion not everyone is ready, emotionally or otherwise, for plastic surgery, and not everyone needs it. For some, it provides a major benefit, but for others, the negatives outweigh the positives. You must decide what is the most important for you.

    Mahla Movahed
    group 4151

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