Students‘ Essays

Writing an academic essay means creating ideas into an argument. The basic university student essay has following standardized structure:
paragraph 1 – introduction
paragraph 2 – body
paragraph 3 – conclusion


Credit issuing will take place on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 2:00 PM and on Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 10:00 AM in the Purkyne´s Institute Large Auditorium (Purkyňův ústav, velká posluchárna), Albertov 4, Prague 2.

To get credits you need to:
1) Reply questions under each lecture video on Youtube (as a comment).
2) Write thesis (essay at least 2 pages A4) and submit it on this webpage. How to upload essay to the system:

Open the website and click on the tab English –> Students‘ Essays.

At the end of the page (at the bottom) there is space for Comment („Napsat komentář“). Upload your seminar work there according to the instructions in the following picture.

1. Enter the text of your work into the „Comment/Komentář“ field.
2. Type your first name and last name into the „Name/Jméno“ field.
3. Send the seminar work by clicking on „Send Comment/Odeslat komentář“.
Leave the other two fields blank.
If the work is okay, your comment will be approved.

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  1. Elliot Fisher

    Health care education in my country (UK)
    In 1948 the national healthcare system was established, not only was its task to provide healthcare to all regardless of wealth but to manage the education of health throughout the population, a task which still serves a huge part in preventing diseases even today and is constantly being improved and made more accessible to everyone.
    In more modern times a lot of focus has been shifted to prevention of diseases as it is the most effective way to ensure health of a population, whilst also being the most difficult to manage. For this reason, a public health sector is needed to identify so called health determinants which are individual factors such as vulnerability, social economic status, level of education etc. After identifying these main determinants, it is necessary to educate the population to prevent potential illnesses.
    Within the UK there is a so-called Health Education England organisation who primary goal is to educate the British public in health in a sense that they are informed of the structure of the NHS, basic principles and values all healthcare workers should be using in their jobs. Basic things like first aid, common infectious diseases are taught at high school level. Not only does HEE provide information on healthcare services but also assist in the struggles healthcare workers go through during their training such as covering various costs allowing more accessibility to those wanting to train in the health care sector.
    Another important factor in education of healthcare in my country is the governments approach to educate the teenage group in health through programs such as scouts and NCS which covers basic education of health such as first aid. Such targeting of young age group is essential in my country to effectively educate various generations to orient themselves better in a health sense. With one of the highest rates of preventable diseases such as diabetes type two such education of younger generations puts more stress on the health care system proving to be more cost-effective long term.
    In conclusion my country uses various methods to educate the public in healthcare, whether it is making more healthcare associated jobs more accessible or providing programs designed for specific social groups which orientate them to better health state. In my opinion it is a successful system with only a few ways to be improved upon.

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