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Writing an academic essay means creating ideas into an argument. The basic university student essay has following standardized structure:
paragraph 1 – introduction
paragraph 2 – body
paragraph 3 – conclusion


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  1. George Papamichael

    Education of health care system in Cyprus


    Health care system is an organization that consists of people, institutions and resources that aim to provide health care to the population. Each country has its own specific type of health care system however 2 of the most common characteristics that can be found in all the types is primary healthcare and public health. In my country, Cyprus, there is a multi-payer health care system that consists of a public sector -funded by payroll, earning taxes and employer contributions-, and private sector. After many years of discussions it has been decided that this dual sector is going to be replaced by National Health Service (GESY) with universal coverage in the following years starting from 2019. However besides the great result of this change of the system, without the appropriate education of the general population on how to use the system, it will at least for its early years be a failure.

    Body :

    Education of the health care system, is a major part of the successful functionality of the system and should be implied in the education system. However in my country there is almost no actual education on health care system or any of its measures. There is no course that can be taught in high school regarding hygiene, public health or how a health care system works which leads to many teenagers being uneducated on serious matters such as hygienic standards, infectious diseases and STD’s and their spread. Moreover, the lack of education doesn’t affect only teenagers but also many adults as well as older generations that are in need of health care. Since they do not know how the system works they end up not getting treatment in time or end up paying huge bills for the treatment they received because they weren’t covered by appropriate insurance companies.

    Even though Cyprus can be considered in the developed countries of the world, the lack of appropriate hygienic knowledge and control can lead into threats against the General Public health. Hepatitis A is one of the endemic diseases in Cyprus that rises from poor water sanitation and food control and affects many people regarding age. If for example people, and especially few years back knew the potential risks of drinking water from the tap, which is not drinkable in Cyprus, Hepatitis A would have been prevented from being endemic. On the other hand, one thing Cyprus can be proud of is the vaccination program and education on vaccination which starts from very young age and controls many possible outbreak of common childhood diseases.

    Unfortunately one of the ways to get educated on health care system in Cyprus is by experience, which means by visiting hospitals and doctors more often and so understand how things work. This eventually will mislead many people into making different mistakes involving the use of the system, especially the first times until they will learn. Even though the health care system in Cyprus is now changing and evolving into possibly a better type, there must be implied some type of education on the matter otherwise for the early years there will be a lot of problems. I believe a high school course, along with a television or radio program that will focus on educating the general public should be considered by the Ministry of Health and I believe It will have a great impact on preservation of hygiene and health both for individuals and the general population. It is a great opportunity now with the change of the system type to create a stronger , more successful bond between GESY and the people using it.

    Conclusion :

    As I mentioned above, Cyprus is considered in the developed countries although when it comes to health care I think there is still much development to occur. And a major part of this development will be focusing on establishing an appropriate education on the system’s measures and functionalities.

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